Three more days!

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Dear Tina & friends,

This past week was spent putting the final touches on the paintings for my Summer Solo Exhibition. I am getting so flipping electrified thinking about it!!! It has been both fun and enlightening laying everything out and seeing it all come together. I find it gives me time to contemplate the work and really “see it”. This is where I make connections and why I chose “Connections & Celebrations” for the title of this show.

Although I forget how long it takes doing the “finishing work” like putting the wires on, painting and hand stamping the sides as well as the final layer of varnish, I actually don’t mind doing it as everything looks so professional when it is done and makes me feel prepared and good about sharing my work.

true friends, flower painting

This painting is called “True Friends” and makes me think of all the outstanding friendships I have forged over the years. We are still close even though we may live far apart or have different schedules it is nice to know we can always pick up where we left off and be right back in sync with each others lives. Many of these special people will be at my Opening Reception this Friday and those who cannot make it have been really thoughtful, taking the time to reach out and send warm wishes my way. My friend Kathleen sent me this sweet, handmade card. I love the illustration and SO appreciate the time she took to make it.

Kitty's note

I think Kitty’s whimsical illustration personifies the evening I wish to create. I imagine myself being surrounded by kind hearted, supportive friends & family who lift me up~not in a “you are so great way” but just by gracing me with their time, warmth and presence. In return I hope to create a special evening for them, welcoming them into the gallery as if they were visiting my home.

I may have to ask my mom for a few of her “worth the calories” recipes. They are ALL worth a splurge in my book and I will miss her surprising me with something incredibly delicious this time around as she will be unable to make it to my opening. I have such fond memories of her and my dad coming down for my first solo show at Studio M last spring. I was beyond thrilled to have many “surprise guests” I hadn’t seen in years! It made the night so incredibly magical. You can see some of the pictures HERE.

affirmation paintings

I will leave you with a little sneak peek of some of the work in the show. There are four different ongoing series featured which all relate to each other. These are part of the Affirmation Series and include four more paintings as well. I will be sharing more work over the next few days so stay tuned. Getting psyched!

affirmation collage_wm


August 2- 30th

Opening Reception August 2nd 5-8pm 

I hope you will join me in celebrating this most recent work and helping me make new connections so bring a friend!

love, Laura

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