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Awakening from Casey Toth on Vimeo.

I have finally completed it.  I took all the canvas strips off the branches and wrote the responses to our prompt “Beauty is….”.  They will be in the mail to you today Laura.  This is a project I would like to continue in our work together~ actively seeking the community’s input.  I don’t think we have ever received over 250 responses on a blog post, but people were very eager to respond to us in person.  It is nice to recognize that technology has not taken over all of our communications.  The human to human conversation is still more important than texting and emailing.  It will be interesting to watch technology evolve over the next 25 years and how we will all use it.  Obviously it is great for many uses, including sharing our work with others but I am waiting for the pendulum to swing the other way so that we may all have a better balance between screen time and face to face time/face to nature time.  This is just one of the points I learned through doing this project with you. I want to thank Enough Pie for creating an inspiring vision and event.  It really has energized me to see artistic ideas coming through cracks, meandering through rooms, and busting through the rectangle frame.

Laura and I will be talking about the responses in the next few weeks and how it will inform our work.  We will let you know how we will move forward right here on the blog.

Here are the results (warning- this is looooong)



Is natural.  LEF

Is bashfull

Is freedom and the health to enjoy it

Is cleo’s smile (drawings)

Is if you love life everything will be ok

Is God’s love for us

Is right in front of your eyes

Is real

Is Delsy (drawn hearts)

Is not all it’s cracked up to be

Is friendship…life…world…love

Is an Italian mountain town

Is…Don’t cry make someone smile

Is comfort, contentment in the moment

Is the warmth of friendship with like-minded souls

Is…Make every day count

Is…You are my sunshine ~ Lilly Bridges

Beauty must be defined as what we ARE, NOT what we can be

Is being confident

Is what makes you happy

Is only what you describe as beautiful

Love is bearing beams of light especially when times are darkest.

Is flowers


Is the joy I feel right now

Is an opinion

Is artists which is everyone sharing

Is not being afraid

Is life, love, and happiness

Is an unsolicited smile

Is diversity

Is taken for granted

Is my husband in the morning

Is a measurement of soul, a story of light

Is the love of Jesus shining through

Is a glory ~Carys, age 6

Is love

Is expressing yourself through dance

Is a genuinely happy smile

What is beauty?

Is dreaming

Is self-inflicted

Is waking and being so happy (drawn cat face) ~Rhona

Is having the ability to laugh

Is all around in unexplored places

Life Is Super Amazing 143 #1 (smiley face)

Is having love for someone/something every day of your life

Is incredible

Is only skin deep. Ya ya ya

Beauty is clean coding

Is this

Is now

Is me and you

Is Chevy smallblock with a Holly Double Pumper

Is contentment- if you are content you are open to beauty in your life

Is an emotion coming from your spirit

Is color in life

Is enjoying being yourself

Is listening to the birds and the wind and feeling you belong…

Is an open mind

Is believing in love with a broken heart…

Is experienced when completely present in the moment, opening your senses and your heart.

A forked tongue tells both sides of the story

Is hope

Is overlooked

Is that moment that you’re speechless

Is the variety of colors fond in nature on a sunny spring day

Is authenticity (be you)

Is think

Is never wishing the day would end

Is a quite moment, a still mind

Is being yourself

Is found when you least expect it

Is everything changes

Is either (drawn heart) or a sharp stick in the eye of the beholder

Is gratitude

Is freedom from the NSA (Snowden)

Is what I appreciate in my inner and outer world

Is family

Is unexpected

Is nature ~Mackaye

Is love, passion, and light—believe!

Is in the moment

Is in artist’s artwork

Is knowing yourself

(kids writing)- layna?

Is the ability to fully live

Is a happy and loving spirit

Is knowing who you are and loving yourself for it.  Same with others

Is kindness

Is Tragic

Is watching my 5 year old daughter freely create

Is sharing the same dream

Is just simply being

Is the light in  your eyes

Is whatever makes you smile

Is simplicity

Is a mocking birds nest-God’s creation

Is family (drawing of heart) Love

Is whatever society tells us…

Is Everywhere

Child’s writing (can’t read)

Is Everything we strive for

Is being surrounded by happy faces

Is the change of seasons

Is this exact moment!

Is being comfortable in your own skin (flower drawing)

Is innocence of a child

Is in loving the life you live (lots of hearts drawn)

Is birds tweeting

Is my daughters LAUGH

Is that one chick

Is a feast for the soul

A smile to/from a stranger

Is being in love

Is when opportunity meets preparation in a true, pure, loving way

Is sacred

Is life….beauty and decay and the process that is our human experience

Is (lines and dots drawing)

Is waking up next to your lover

Is everything that makes you sing and spirit soar….CAW

Is a woman’s ability to choose….(whatever it is)

Is (child’s writing)

Is my grandson’s smile

Is pie  Cameron

Is Jacob leenard (heart)

Is the heart looking deepling into life

Is Same Rames

Is beauty is. Beauty is.

Is my sister xoxo

Is ~ no matter how much silence or distance that takes place, our love echoes in the universe and you are forever dancing in my heart.  RKW

Is joy from being with friends and family!

Is being a total fox

Is in everything no matter what

Is a place where you feel at home

Is an amazing meal made with lots of love…

Is Perceived and relative

Is love

Is love and patience

Is absolute PEACE.  Paz

Is Heather Rae Goode

Is accepting who you are and what you are meant to do!

Is living

Is loving yourself

Is sharing life’s passions, whatever that may be to you

Is watching my children laughing and playing freely

Is light

Is what defines you

Is only skin deep!!!

Is within us

Is in the air

Is two lovers together for fifty years

Is turning air into ideas

Is happiness in all

Is fall leaves blowing on a sunny Fall day!

Is my family

Is a sleeping child, even when they are grown

Is living life thru love’s eyes

Is alive

Is honesty

Is LIFE oj

Is the ocean

Is when you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, you’re pissing on today

Is Life is full of opportunities, and indeed opportunities for disaster –Boris Johnson

Is my Mom when she smiles

Is in the eye of the beholder and it is in everything

Is at sea….a whitecap, a sailboat, a bridge

Is genuine outbursts glowing within one’s soul

Is an idea

Is from your dreams

Is everywhere…just embrace it


Is the smile of a child

Is the best of what you can embrace in this or any moment.  BW


Is when you can tell who is a real friend

Is (drawings of fish under water)

Is everywhere- seek and ye shall see *

Is freedom from self

Is in the eye of the Beer Holderz

Is a promise kept, a dream, the love of life and the first waking moments of Ellen

Is objective, it is good an natural to think so….

Is Shayd and Finean

Is created by us! (smiley face drawn)

Is the magic of new life

Is finding the light in a world full of darkness

Is everything

Is find beauty and adventure in everything you do

Is love, is ALL – ALL is love


Is natural kindness

Is enjoying your life by looking at it in a different way

Is stillness

Is love life like a bird loves to fly (drawing of bird)

Is happiness and love

Is a bunch of baby ducks

Is scary

Is knowing you are stronger than you think

Is let god out

Is being yourself

Is the simple joy of family and friends!

Is from a smile, Kelly’s smile

Is most appreciated in moments of solitude


Is being present

Is love from a Grandfather

Is a life lived to it’s fullest potential!

Is keeping an open mind and experiencing new cultures!

Is captivating

Is my dog’s smile

Is gentle. Never cut what you can untie….

Is the color green

Is everywhere

Is my children’s smiles (heart drawn)

Is transformative/individual

Is laughter with friends

Is natural

Is the approaching storm

Is pointless

Is newborn baby smell

Is being unique!

Is your face upside down

Is everywhere, in everything (~heart~)


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