ReVision 23

ReVision 23 Laura

Dear Tina~

Your Vision this week allowed me to slow down and really “see” what was “in time” around me. I started off observing ordinary things around my home. It didn’t take long for me to recognize my Christmas cactus in bloom. It had on it’s showy best and  was screaming for attention. I found stillness sketching it’s intricate leaves and flowers with my pen. Contour line drawings always force me to slow down because the pen is permanent. I don’t so much worry if I make a mistake but really try to quiet my mind. Drawing and painting are very meditative for me and always brings me back to myself. I have had a good week of mindfulness. Sending a little snow your way on this blustery New England day. love, Laura

Dear Laura,

It is the afternoon and I am a little sleepy.  Or maybe just relaxed.  The boys have been instructed to lay down in their rooms for a half hour to rest from playing hard all day and it also allows Chris and I some delicious quiet in the house.  I am making an espresso, listening to Iron and Wine, and starting page one of Daniel Quinn‘s book titled The Story of B.  I am already sucked into the story and grateful to have picked an engrossing book over these holidays.  I love a good read.  This moment is a point of balance during this busy time of year, which I hope to capture each day over this holiday break.



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