“Awakening” was fantastic!

Dear Laura,

Saturday was wonderful and wish you could have been there to experience it.  I put together a photomontage below of some of the artist’s work, but there were many others. Take a look…


I am now cataloging all the responses we received for our prompt “Beauty Is…”.  We have hundreds of responses!  Yeah, pretty impressive crowd there.  The tree branches were so full there were no empty places and people were tying their strip of fabric to other’s.  We shared a room with Sharon Mitchell who hung plants in teacups. Her description was “A Mad-Hatter’s unconventional celebration of the rebirth of a sleeping giant, awoken to empower each of us with the fits of strength, pride, and community.”  The aesthetics of her work was an excellent complement to our installation.  Here is a photo montage of our room…

Awakening3Imagine these branches absolutely FULL by the end of the day.  I really hope that Enough Pie continues on their mission to gather the creatives in town for more open-ended projects like this.  It really energized me in ways much of the art scene has not lately.

Once this is cataloged, I will write all the comments here on the blog.  Then I will send them all to you Laura so you can see and feel them.  Let’s do more of this, yes?


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  1. YES to this! I am SO glad there was such an amazing turnout! These kinds of events energize me too! I can’t wait to see more of the pictures and will look forward to reading all the responses! I know the one’s written in CT were pretty awesome! Thanks for making this happen! love, Laura

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