Awakening Exhibit Tomorrow


Dear Laura,

I spent this morning hanging our installation piece for the ‘Awakening’ event organized by Enough Pie.  It is tomorrow, July 13th, from 10am-6pm.  I am not supposed to reveal any photos from the event since they want people to come out and see everything for themselves, but I will post a few pictures of me installing to give you an idea of our space so far.  We are sharing a room with another artist, who I will write about later this weekend.  She was not there when I installed, but she will be hanging teacups with succulent plants in and around our work.  I am looking forward to seeing that!  There were already so many interesting artworks up that I really hope y’all come out and experience this.

It is only ONE DAY.

These kinds of events really energize me as an artist.  To get out of the white cube (i.e. gallery) and be given free rein on creative ideas….refreshing!  One artist I will tell you about yarn bombed the outside of the building.  Nice.


And here is me sweating it out putting the work up.  There is no electricity or running water at this building yet.  South Carolina summers are not cold.  I was really regretting my decision on this outfit.  Black jeans?  ugh.


Anyway, it is up and ready for the day tomorrow.  I will let you know how it goes!


p.s. The pens and canvas strips are in the hanging basket.



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