Summer inspiration & an announcement

hello sweet T & friends,

How are you? Did you have a nice weekend? Brett & I stopped by the Velvet Mill’s Open Studio last Friday. It is always fun when artists open their studios. I can appreciate all the work that goes into such an event from recently hosting mine. I especially loved seeing my friends Annie & Dennis’s new work.

Saturday was spent at the Salem Vintage Market visiting Sue in her cute, cute booth. She did such a wonderful job with her display. I wish I brought my camera with me! You can see more of her work this weekend at the Noank Foundry Open Studios. Word on the street is that she is making some new driftwood sailboats which I envy. So much fun stuff to do around here I can barely keep up!

buoys wm

I found these old wooden, hand carved buoys at the Vintage Market and fell in love with them. Anytime I see them lined up along an old building I swoon. There is something about the colors, texture and history that I am drawn to. I have always wanted to start a collection and these will be my first. I think they will look great on Brett’s “studio shed” as I like to refer to it.

wooden fishing buoys

They inspired this new painting I am working on. I am not sure where it is heading but I like it. It reminds me of sunny days and summer, my favorite season.

red hot poker

I have also been very inspired by the color in my garden lately. Aren’t these red hot pokers so fun to look at? It is the time of year where there is so much in bloom my eye doesn’t know where to stop. I have been taking some time in the morning to do some blind contour drawings of the flowers. I enjoy drawing this way because it slows me down and quiets my mind.

*work in progress
*work in progress

All of the paintings you see are works in progress. The one above presently reads, “detach and find oneself”. I have been thinking about how both spending time in my garden and taking long walks really helps me stay grounded and feeds my soul.

only good.laura

On occasion I feel guilty taking this time so it totally cracked me up when I got my “Note from the Universe” this morning which read,

Do you know what happens, laura, to wildlife when left alone from intellectual minds? It thrives, because thriving is its default setting. Just look at a forest. 

And do you know what happens to wildlife when given just a little direction by intellectual minds? It still thrives, because thriving is its default setting. Just look at a rose garden. 

And do you know what happens to wildlife when there is too much thinking? Yeah, what wildlife? 

Wild thing,
    The Universe

I have gotten Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe delivered to my inbox for a few years now and highly recommend them. For whatever reason they are always spot on with my life and totally make me smile.


All of these paintings along with other new work will be featured in my upcoming

SOLO show

at The Gallery at Lighthouse in Groton CT.

The show will be up for the month of August. I would be delighted if you would save the date for the Opening Reception on Friday, August 2nd from 5-8pm. I am working really hard to make it a special night and would be overjoyed to have you come celebrate this new work with me.

Okay, back to work…love, Laura

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  1. I wish I could see your garden. I know it is something you put a lot of time and effort into. Congrats on your show coming up! Let’s see some more pictures of the work when it goes up okay?

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