Vision 6: Script Series


Dear Laura,

I took a recent visit to Savannah GA to skate with my team and came across this beautiful anchor along the waterfront.  This town is very beautiful, despite the waterfront being a bit on the touristy side.  Have you been there?  Maybe next time you come this way we can take a trip down there to check out the art scene and walk the streets.


stargazer lily

Dear Tina,

I am always inspired by my garden and feel like there is always something new to discover. My aunt Bernie gave me these gorgeous star gazer lilies and I am awestruck by the colors, patterns & texture they embody. They are known to represent wealth & prosperity. I have so much to be grateful for, including a successful art opening (more on that soon) and wanted to send a little wealth & abundance your way…love, Laura

p.s. I have been experimenting with the editing tools in picmonkey and put a polaroid frame around this photo to illustrate the nostalgic, timelessness of them.

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