Forming Alliances

I could not agree more about fostering positive alliances among artists.  Not only has this made a difference with each other and our collabortive work together, but I also have experienced the benefits with the artists in my geographical community.   Just a few days ago I traveled to Columbia South Carolina to this gallery with some artist friends to see an exhibit of Ellen Kochansky‘s work.  It was very meaningful work that had a political spin inviting the audience to think of the “embedded energy” in the products around us.  The work “bridges book and quilt arts to highlight storytelling, community and the resourceful use of what Kochansky refers to as ‘cultural compost’ (from the exhibit catalog).  Here we are again at the idea of how art is a form of storytelling, which Daniel Pink discussed in his book.  We also had the wonderful opportunity of talking with the artist in resident there, Anne Bourdeau.  It was refreshing to experience her openness and generosity of sharing her work with us.  There was no ego in the room, only a wonderful person interested in what we were all creating in our studios.  I can only hope to run into more artists like her on my journey into the art world.  Check out her website I am sure these artists will not mind me posting their websites in the spirit of alliance building and sharing.

When you asked what goals I have for my work, I immediately thought of building a strong community of supportive artists (perhaps this blog can foster that from our geographical places to our cyber places).  My other goal is to get my work seen by a larger audience.  Would you agree that those two goals are ones you might hold for yourself?  If so, I think we have made the first positive step…creating this blog!

I am including some photos of what I did in the studio today: spray paint and stencils!


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