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Hello Sweet T & friends,

I think I am still on a high from the Country Living Fair! Sue and I keep calling each other and oogling over our loot, trying to find just the right place for everything. I asked her if she would share her experience from the fair with you and she agreed.

Country Living Fair, she did not!
(All of the photos are ©Sue Thomas) We had a blast looking through all the old flash cards. This was one of our favorites)

Guest Blogger, Sue Thomas

To be sure, our time at the Country Living Fair was like a dream come true for little ole’ me! 
I have loved CL magazine for as long as I can remember, so you can just guess my reaction when I read they were doing a fair right in our own backyard at the Duchess County Fairgrounds….Heck Yeah, I was going, and Laura was comin’ with me!! (I would have dragged her, but luckily she didn’t fight me on this one).
When we arrived I thought I would burst with excitement. Then we found out we could meet Sarah Gray Miller within half an hour and I was breathless, (she IS my idol).  Standing in that line with my knees shaking, I wondered how much fun the rest of the fair would be.  Oh no, would I feel let down after what felt like a climactic event?  Would we give up early becuase of the rain? Would we really see anything NEW? 
Well, I can say the rest of the 2 days were like being in heaven for me.  I don’t think my feet touched the ground the entire time….(though they must have cause they were rather wet that first day..hmmmmm)
As Laura said in last weeks post, We love Vintage!  And there was loads of it!  Here’s a couple of photos of some goodies I purchased and styled up in my home.  And another shot of a few things I will be selling in my Etsy shop, and at my antique store booth in Richmond, RI.
Country Living Fair, Sue Thomas


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Yes, folks, I was livin’ the Dream at the CLF….and it’s just possible my dream has grown into something more…maybe, just maybe, there’s a booth at the Fair in my future with The Collected Cottage name on it….Until then you can visit my new booth at Jules’ Antiques in RI and the first ever Vintage Market in Salem, CT.


Thanks for having me over for a chat Laura, next year maybe Tina comes with us??  Do you think we will have to drag her?  


Sue, I don’t think it would take much effort getting Tina to go especially with all the vintage items she uses in her artwork! Now getting it home may be a problem~ha! Thanks so much for dropping by. I can’t wait to see what else you have brewing on the horizon.

Much love, Laura

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  1. Ladies, thanks so much for letting babble on about the Fair in your blog. Was so much fun!


  2. SUE! You would never need to drag me. In fact I would be up early with coffee, showered, and dressed before your alarm went off. I always enjoy seeing all the items you collect since it is definitely my style not just in my own artwork, but also my home. Looking forward to seeing you this summer when I come north!

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