Vision 23

Vision 23 Laura

Hello sweet T~

I enjoyed catching up with you on the phone last night. We both seem to know just when to remind each other the importance of reconnecting with ourselves. Last night it was your turn to remind me and I am going to practice what I know in my heart to be true. Like many people the holidays create an imbalance in our lives, leaving our routines hanging on the clothesline, when they really need to be taken in, folded and put away before they get dirty again. With all the wonderful art shows and the Open Studio Event to prepare for I left my “clothes” hanging out too long, which depleted my spirit. Today I lovingly took them in and savored their fresh, earthy scent by returning to my writing, getting to the gym and buying healthy, nutritious food. My Vision this week is a little still life I set up to remind me the importance of balancing mind, body and spirit as well as giving back to others.  Sending you a warm cup of coco with extra chocolate and marshmallows…xoL

Vision 23

Dear Laura,

After having another amazing meeting with Cassie Premo Steele, I looked out my window and was greeted by the colors of our ornamental pear tree outside.  The colors always peak around Christmas.  Cassie spoke about being “in time” rather than plotting for the future or brooding over the past. This season is always a push and pull for me.  The stress of busily marking off the check list and preparing for company can too easily consume the good feelings that are supposed to be created around the holidays.  This season I have been happily enjoying time with the boys, the Christmas tree, fires in the fireplace, beers with my husband, and making cookies so my talk with Cassie really  validated where I am at right now.    Pretty soon, with the new year approaching, I will be looking ahead and constructing plans, but for now this moment looking at the tree was “in time” and I wanted to share that with you.

Love, Tina

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