Laura’s Open Studio & raffle winner!

studio work in progress

Dear Tina & friends,

Thought I would share a few pictures from my recent Open Studio. The painting on the easel is a new painting I am working on. Right now it reads, “Have a Vision, what you believe you will become.” It is a spin on a mantra I have said to myself for years, “Your thoughts create your destiny.”

fish & starfish display_wmFriday night was alive at the studio with friendly faces, art, music and an amazing energy hard to describe.

fish display

These are little watercolor fish I painted. They each have sayings that go with them cut from old book pages.

paintings in shelf wm


little painting display

As you may know, my friend Sue & I have a love for vintage items. She gave me this gorgeous window display for my work and I just love it!

studio display armoire

The big armoire is from an antique shop in NH. It was originally from Poland which spoke to me as I am part Polish.

open studio painting display

I mingled in some of my smaller work with this large painting. I am happy to say it is finally finished as it took me awhile! I am calling it “Connections”.

big painting wm

I had fine art giclee prints for sale and will be working with my printer to make some more which I will have available in my Etsy shop.

print display

Laura's print giveaway

I am always curious to know what people take from my paintings and try to find new ways to learn and grow from my work. It is always interesting to me when someone finds something in a painting I may not have thought of.

I decided to have a print giveaway to get some feedback and asked people to look at my new work and share their thoughts on which painting was their favorite and why. It was so so fun getting feedback and opening doors for conversation. I have found over the years it can be intimidating for people to talk with artists. I am not sure why this is. Most artists  welcome a conversation or questions about their work and are delighted you are taking  an interest in our work. I know for myself, I have so many stories to share but don’t want to be pushy sharing them.

The most “favorited” painting from the raffle was, “The Wave”. This painting started out with a collage background and I built up layers of paint from there. I had sketched the flowers that were in my garden but changed the color of them. It is actually more vibrant in person.

the wave, orange tulip painting
“The Wave” mixed media 12 x 12 inches ©laura gaffke *available
laura's working table
work in progress

I had Michelle pic the raffle winner….

Michelle picking the raffle raffle pick

I am delighted to announce the WINNER from the raffle….da da da da…..ANN SERGIY!!!

She wrote, “the background is lively and the arrangement of the flowers do resemble a wave. Great color combinations!”

Congratulations Ann! I will be in touch with you!

Much love, Laura

p.s. You can see more pictures from the Open Studio HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Laura’s Open Studio & raffle winner!

  1. Laura, I don’t know why it took me so long to get to your blog of your open studio, but now I’m in the early hours of Aruba, in the dark ( 6AM Aruban time- ( 5AM in USA). I’m at the pool. .saving space for Dad, and I have the quiet time to reflect and appreciate your beautiful new artwork. You are truly a work in progress! Your painting, “The Wave” does make the leaves look like they are waving at someone in the distance, perhaps a friend or a colleague.

  2. Hi mom, Thank you so much! I hope that you and dad are enjoying your vacation and that you are embracing the Arubian winds and soft waves of the Carribean water. love you! Laura

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