The best intentions aren’t always realized…

Michelle's painted hands
Michelle’s painted hands

Dear Friends,

How are you? I am catching up after a very busy weekend. As many of you know I had my Open Studio on Friday & Saturday. Everything was wonderful. The studio looked great. We had flowers everywhere, the heavenly music of Cyra Morgan, luscious food and libations galore. I was in fear of the rain being a deterrent but it didn’t seem to be. My friend Michelle arrived for the weekend straight from teaching all day in NH on friday (whew) and I couldn’t have been happier. She came with a bright smile and a big hug and I couldn’t wait for her to meet all my friends.


As many of you know Michelle & I planned on doing another collaborative painting together on Saturday afternoon. We got to the studio early, cleaned up from the night before, set up our supplies and inspiration and were excited to paint. You can read about our first two collaborations HERE & HERE.

Beginning of Michelle’s painting
Michelle painting
Michelle working on the painting

Michelle Dyson's work in progress

I was and am unbelievably grateful for all the people who traveled near and far to come out to support me and genuinely wanted to talk and share my work with them. My conflict was that I spent more time talking with my guests than painting, leaving Michelle to paint alone. I wasn’t sure how to divide my time and truly wanted to be in both places at the same time which of course isn’t possible. In the end I felt like I had neglected Michelle, my good friend who came all this way to create with me. We talked about it after as good friends do and what I take away from all of this is that combining an open studio event with a live painting collaboration was not my best idea ever. This was a great idea in theory and in our intention to share our work with the community but what I found was that in order to honor the sacred painting space Michelle and I shared in our last two paintings I needed to be 100% present and I simply could not be with the other events planned. In the end, our intentions for the painting were not realized and I take full responsibility for that. Maya Angelou says, “when you know better, you do better” and that is what I intend to do.

Michelle Dyson's painting in progress
Michelle Dyson’s painting in progress

One thing I know about myself is that I am a better painter when I am still, when I am quiet and don’t have any distractions. Creating space for this is part of my creative process and how inspiration weaves it’s way into my heart and work. There is just no way to find this kind of stillness when you are inviting people into this space. It is my intention in the future to give Michelle this part of me in our next collaboration. I certainly learned a lot from this experience, both about collaboration as well as our personal needs for allowing creativity to flow.

Luckily, Michelle was wonderful about the whole thing and still loves me. She graciously took the lead on the painting and I have to say it is coming out brilliant! The pictures are of her work in process. I have more to share and will follow up this week with more pictures, the installation piece that will be sent to Tina to install in Charleston, the winner of the print giveaway, Tina’s & my “word” for the year as well as our long awaited new ReVision.

Sending brilliance & sunshine your way…love, Laura


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