What Is Beauty?


“Beauty draws us in. We can’t stop looking or listening or touching. It takes us outside ourselves and it motivates us. It’s essential to life and to happiness.” — Nancy Etcoff

Dear Friends,

We will be participating in an art event with an installation in Charleston, South Carolina next month (date to be determined) where we will be asking YOU to participate.  The organization running the show is Enough Pie, that is aiming to revitalize a down trodden part of the city.  Laura will be kicking this off at her Open Studios this weekend in Connecticut.  But first, let us tell you about the main event here in Charleston coming up in the next few weeks….

Enough Pie’s mission statement is this–> “We want our work to show how crucial arts and creativity are to our community. We will measure our work so it becomes clear to policy makers that art is not just beautiful, art is not just a quality-of-life perk, art is a transformative economic tool that should be an important line item on the city and state budgets. We want our work to create lasting, sustainable collaborations between artists and mechanics, artisans and city planners, architects and community organizations…. We hope our work INSPIRES more great work.  There is enough pie to go around. Let’s cut a larger slice for artists, creative entrepreneurs and diverse, local businesses.”

Read further about Enough Pie and the “Awakening” event we are participating in HERE.

Our idea is to hang a wooden pole (which might switch to a tree branch) from the ceiling, where we will invite viewers to tie on a strip of canvas.  The strip of canvas provides space to write, draw, and create a response to the question “What is Beauty?”.   We are curious to know if beauty is an object, an idea, an innate part of the human spirit, or something else.  What is it about beauty that informs our choices, connections, and values we hold dear?

This practice of hanging thoughts or objects from trees is a practice done all over the world in numerous cultures for centuries.  We have been inspired by these actions of veneration, wishes, and prayers and intend our project to fall right in line with this.  Read more HERE.

The conversation created through this installation is part of an ongoing inquiry of co-authorship we have been developing over the past seven years. We intend to interweave the collected ideas from this installation into future collaborative art practices as well as contribute to Enough Pie’s mission to create a sustainable, cohesive, livable, diverse art and design district in Charleston, SC.

We are open to where this project will take us so…..let us hear and read what you think.

What is beauty?

You can start by going to Laura’s Open Studio and adding your piece of fabric to the project.  She will send these to Tina next week to hang in the installation in Charleston next month.  If you can’t make either event, we would be glad to write your idea down for you and tie it on among the rest.

~Tina and Laura~

wish tree
We were inspired by projects like the Lam Tsuen Wish Tree in Hong Kong
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