Live music, two “guests”, a painting collaboration & tiny little details…

Above Elite Studio sign


Signs hung! We are ready!
Signs hung! We are ready!

Okay everyone!

Things are looking quite spiffy at Above Elite Studios as we get ready for our Open Studio. We are in the process of creating a cute spot for Cyra Morgan who will be our wonderful performer on friday evening. WE ARE SO LUCKY! Honestly, I am always unbelievably grateful for the musicians we have had at our studio over the years. They are all going places! Music is such an intricate part of my life and live music is just the icing on the cake, adding a wonderful dimension to an all ready spectacular event.

Cyra says, My style is an intimate acoustic folk and I am a romance junkie. For me there is nothing more rewarding than creating a piece of music that paints a picture of expression vivid enough for the listener to really feel what I’m saying….. or singing. If I can touch someone with my words, if I can make a listener feel like they are not alone, that is the greatest form of success for me.”

Pretty awesome, right? Here are two of Cyra’s videos (I couldn’t choose just one!) to woo you with while you read this AMAZINGLY thoughtful guest post from my friend Michelle.

 Thoughts & ideas from Michelle Dyson on collaboration & the LIVE painting we will create together on Saturday at my studio:

©Michelle Dyson 2013
©Michelle Dyson 2013
My best thoughts and ideas always come to me in the car driving or in the middle of the night while desperately trying to sleep. Now as I struggle to remember those amazing images and words they are gone, a lost memory but I will give it my best. Laura asks me,
“What are our intentions for this painting?” and I respond with “I just want to play and have fun.” After teaching all week I’m not always interested in having a plan when I paint. What I do want to do is be in a playful, peaceful, safe painting place within myself.
©Michelle Dyson 2013
©Michelle Dyson 2013

When painting in collaboration Laura and I flow in and out of the work with respect for each others space and technique without words. We both are inspired by color and texture. We are inspired by flowers and music. We are inspired by the ocean and sand in our toes. We will both come to this painting with sketches of our favorite inspirational items. The music will play and with open hearts we will dive into our third collaborative painting. We decided to make this a live painting to encourage anyone who wants to watch our process the opportunity to. Sometimes it takes just a peek into the magic that is a painting in progress to invigorate the creativity of others into action. We want there to be more artists in the world. We want you to be a witness to the joy it is to let go of restrictions that can be a deterrent in art making and experience the freedom of a painting done out of friendship, relationships and the beauty of the world surrounding us.

I hope you come out to see us and look for pictures of our work on our Facebook and web pages.
Many thanks for all who support our dream!
***We are both looking forward to seeing you! If you can’t make it on Saturday you can meet Michelle at the Open Studio on Friday from 5:30 -9pm and see the first two paintings we created together. Getting PUMPED!!! Event details HERE.
SO looking forward to seeing you!
love, Laura



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5 thoughts on “Live music, two “guests”, a painting collaboration & tiny little details…

  1. Can’t wait to see you both on Friday and THANK YOU for those amazing videos of Cyra…I wish she could play in my head all the time! She’s gonna be famous….

  2. Good luck ladies! Enjoy the busy weekend and I am looking forward to seeing your painting as it progresses. ~Tina~

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