Art display, an Open Studio & a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

My apron collection
my apron collection

A joyful hello!

I had such a wonderful day yesterday preparing for our Open Studio. There is a lot to do before an event like this which often takes months to plan, not to mention all the time creating new work. Today I worked on my favorite task besides painting which is rearranging my studio! It takes awhile to do this and often I make a HUGE mess in the process but love doing it. I start by laying out all my new paintings and taking a look at them. Seeing them all together makes me realize how hard I have worked and appreciate all the time and effort I put into creating them (I have been known to wrestle with the “I haven’t done enough” & “I could have done more” when in fact I have done a lot which Tina can always point out to me). I then take almost everything off the walls and shelves, clean and get to work creating new displays for them. I have an affinity for vintage items as many of you already know from my Brimfield excursions and I try to intermingle them with my artwork.

teapot display

This teapot is from Brett’s side of the family and I thought it looked cute with my little paintings and business cards. I paint a lot of teacups and coffee mugs and see them as a metaphor for connection and conversation. I have been blessed to have had many great conversations over coffee, tea and of course wine! Time with friends helps me grow, stretch, gather new ideas and see the world a little differently which I am immensely grateful for.

open studio painting display

These card packs are popular as teacher & hostess gifts as well as being fun to send.
These card packs are popular as teacher & hostess gifts as well as just being fun to send.

On a different note, Tina and I have some SUPER EXCITING news! We just found out we have been accepted to create an installation art piece at a one day arts event in June at 1600 Meeting Street in Charleston. The organization, Enough Pie is “ushering in an era of arts-driven community collaboration for the upper peninsula.” We wrote the proposal for it when we were together and now that we know we have been accepted I can create a small installation at my studio that will work in conjunction with the piece in Charleston. We will post our proposal and work samples, but essentially we want YOU to to participate. More soon….

Here is a glimmer of something in the beginning stages for this project. It may change a bit but I wanted to have an element of nature in the work and a place for people to write and share their ideas.

tree with lights

That is all for now. I will check back soon with more fun things to share, including a special blog post from my friend Michelle about our special LIVE painting on Saturday.

Cheery Smiles your way…love, Laura

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  1. Thanks Kathy! I am getting excited about all of the projects I have going on and can’t wait to share! By the way I love your “make mine mini”. Tina & I just added a widget that links back to blogs who leave comments and yours is the first one I have seen shown up. I am glad to see that it works! miss you! xoLaura

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