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This past January I started writing the good things that have happened to me on a small piece of paper and dropping them into a jar.  A small gesture to get at something that has been bothering me.  For some reason it seems easier to focus on what I am NOT doing.  Do you find that is true?  I am working on it.  One by one they have collected over the months. In fact, I am making progress.  In numerous parts of my life too.  Progress in my art business, teaching, parenting, finances, and leading my local roller derby team to name a few.  The more I started noting these small successes the more I have come to realize I am actually doing enough.  It is a funny thing to ask oneself “am I doing enough?”, because if you are asking it, you probably are already doing more than enough.  Such over-achievers you are!

This practice might be worth trying if you are one of the victims of the ‘not-enough’ disease (ahhumm….Laura).

When Laura and I were together we came up with one little word to keep us focused for the rest of 2013.  I know, I know… we said we were going to do this back in January, but it is better late than never right?

You can read about last year’s word HERE.

This year my word is FLUID.  I am looking for a new job, steering my artwork in the direction I need it to go, being open about parenting as adolescence is approaching in my oldest son (it is hard already and he is only 11!), and overall wanting to be more spontaneous every day to include more fun.  It feels really good to let go and just be fluid about what comes my way rather than trying to force things to happen.  I am living more from my gut rather than my brain in other words.  However, I am still very much a realist when it comes to life (gotta pay my mortgage, tend to my lawn, be patient with my child’s teacher, etc).  That side serves me well to get the day to day stuff done, but I no longer am letting it squeeze out the enjoyment that each day can bring.

Alrighty, I am going to let Laura take over the rest of this post to talk about her ‘little word’.  Write to you all later- Tina

laura gaffke goodness jar wm

Hello friends!

Yes, it is true I do struggle with the “not enoughs” disease. In fact it causes a lot of unease in my life and I am ready to change that. I told Tina I would create a jar of goodness and I never did. Well, my friends I am FOR REAL starting one TODAY. This morning I went through my gratitude journal (which is something I keep regularly) to see if there were any milestones since January I could start my jar off with. There were SO many things! It was fun to go back and read them. It allowed me to see the steps I have taken towards the life I wish to live, which at the core is a meaningful, healthy life, surrounded by joy, beauty, creativity & love. I wish to live with purpose and use my gifts to serve the world, all while being able to support myself and contribute in a worthwhile way.

My word for this year is DILIGENT which means having or showing care and conscientiousness in one’s work or duties. You see my friends I am a girl who is ALWAYS taking more classes, reading more, trying to improve on myself, my home, my relationships, my business, my artwork, organization, photography, etc… etc… and on it goes. It is time for me to synthesize all the information I have sourced and start putting it into action. I am trying to set realistic goals instead of having so many I feel deflated when I don’t accomplish them. Tina helps keep me in check with this but I still struggle. I think being more thoughtful of what I really want, diligently working towards them as well as recognizing and celebrating the completion of these goals will help.  We shall see how it goes and what I accomplish and celebrate in the upcoming months. I am so grateful to have you and Tina share in this journey with me.

What are you celebrating in your life? Is there a word that you want to focus on this year? We would love for you to share them with us in the comments.

Sending you a day filled with sunshine & love,


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4 thoughts on “Little Words…

  1. Thanks, Tina and Laura for sharing. It’s never too late to begin and one little word sounds like a great start. I’m rarely at a loss for words, and seem to be struggling to express this thought…but, I’ll try. I am inspired by your views on life, which in turn, show up in your creations. Those creations inspire me, remind me, to focus on gratitude and abundance. So, thank you for sharing.
    Much Gratitude ~ Michelle

  2. Both of your posts resonate with me as I often feel as if I’m not doing enough, that there is so much more I could be doing. But then I rehear the words so many friends and acquaintances have spoken about how talented or how much I create in so many ways. Recently I sat still in our woods for no particular reason but to do just that instead of “doing” or being “productive”. The following words came to me as I sat there: “I am and that’s enough.” And, so, I wrote down those words that the universe spoke to me and put it in a drawer in my bureau that I go into every day to remind me. I still do and am productive but instead of criticizing myself for not doing more I know that I am and that is enough. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts so openly. Let’s celebrate how wonderful we all are!
    Fondly, Carol

  3. You are most welcome Michelle!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It means a lot to us and we appreciate it. It is always good to focus on what we have isn’t it? Sending abundance & love your way…Laura :)

  4. Carol,
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. I think it is important to “just be” sometimes so we can find ourselves. I know the time I spend journaling or walking at the Bluff is where inspiration finds me. I just need to show up. I hope you have many, many more days to sit with yourself in the woods to “listen”. love ya…Laura

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