Painted bodies, a “strong back”, friendship, collaboration & so much more…!

focus on the good, colorful flowers in vase painting
This painting is currently part of the Regional Show at the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly. It will be on view until the end of the month along with so many other wonderful artists work. Stop in if you are in the area and see the diversity of the show.

Dear Tina,

It seems like both yesterday and a million years ago since I was in Charleston. I know some people learned of my unfortunate experience with strep throat and back problems from Facebook and I was completely overwhelmed with all the kind, healing words. All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone but especially YOU my dear! Thank you for making me so welcome in your home and sharing your wonderful family with me, thank you for taking care of me when I couldn’t move, for bringing me water, crackers and blueberries, for just being in the room with me, thank you for rearranging my flight so I could rest, thank you for your inspiration and writing our blog posts when all I could do was share my ideas from bed, thank you for being such a wonderful, inspiring friend and bringing so much clarity to my life! I cannot tell you how humbled I felt by this experience and I am grateful to have you in my life.

When I returned home I rested for a day and felt a little better. Michelle & Jesse came down from NH on friday and I felt up to going to FUSION, a fun, artful event complete with body painters, a live band, a Photo Booth as well as food & drink tastings. My friends Millie, Joy, Serena, Heather & Lisa all participated in the body painting and their creations were each so unique and fun! Here are a few pictures of Millie’s work. Not too shabby a “canvas” to work on I have to say! You can see more pictures from the night here.

Millie Donovan's body painting man

Millie Donovan's body painting 2013

I attempted a little dancing at Fusion and my back immediately regretted it the next day so I wasn’t moving too fast. Michelle & I laid low over the weekend and dreamed about the collaborative painting we will create next Saturday (May 25th from 1-4pm) at my Open Studio. We are SUPER EXCITED about it and I hope lots of people come to meet her and see all the fun things she is bringing down to share and will have available for sale. I am already filled with ideas on how I want to decorate and display my work for the kick off event Friday night (May 24th from 5:30-9pm).

Tomorrow I head to the Brimfield Antique Show bright and early with my friend Sue. It is an annual pilgrimage we make and this year we are being brave and driving Brett’s BIG TRUCK so we can fill it up with some larger items! I can already envision my new finds and working them into a display for my open studio. Sue has a wonderful online shop called, The Collected Cottage with some fabulous vintage items. Whoooo hoooo! I can hardly stand the wait!

I will leave you with some pictures Michelle & I took from my garden that we will use as inspiration for our painting. More to come!

Love, Laura

tree buds

magnolia flower


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4 thoughts on “Painted bodies, a “strong back”, friendship, collaboration & so much more…!

  1. Awww Laura. Sorry about your back and you were such a trooper too! The FUSION event was so much fun and I was glad that we were able to dance a little. Thanks for posting the pictures of my models. They were great! You said your back was going to regret it but you powered through the whole night. I’m glad you had fun and I am very proud of your tenacity!! I’m also looking forward to our open studio and can’t wait to see what you and Michelle have planned. Sending you healing thoughts and creative dreams! xo Millie

  2. I’m so glad Tina was able to help you through and Good thing you are semi-healed sista…we are Brimmy Bound! Thank you for the shout out on my Etsy shop….soon it will be full of more goodies!!

  3. Hey girlies!
    Thanks for all the well wishes! You both cheer my heart! love, Laura

  4. Laura~ Please! You are family and this is what one does for family so there are no ‘thank you’s’ required. I was glad to have you for one more day! The boys were always asking “where is Laura?” while you were here. They loved having you in our home. It was a wonderful week for us and got us both on track with our work. I have been super productive in the studio since you have been here. We always say this, but- we need to see each other more often! Looking forward to hearing how your collaborative work comes together with Michelle.
    Hugs, Tina

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