ReVision 5: Script Series


Dear TIna,

Your Vision totally brought me back to the day we were in NYC. I think we spent quite a bit of time in Anthropologie! It was kind of funny how the “T” mug was pink as I know it really isn’t your favorite color~ha! I was experimenting with stencils and the push and pull of color for my ReVision, thinking about the simple moments in our lives that become sacred only when we stop to be present for them. I would love to be enjoying a nice cappuccino with you. Might have to be iced if you are coming here this summer.

Much love your way…Laura


ReVision 6 Script Series


Dear Laura,

Laura Gaffke, Vision 5: Script Series
Laura Gaffke, Vision 5: Script Series

I started this ReVision many days ago and have, as usual, used this as an opportunity to experiment.  I wanted to print a photograph on old textbook pages.  I added a layer of paint on the textbook page, but it sealed the paper in a slick surface so that when I printed the image it was more of a watercolor effect.  It was interesting, but not really what I wanted.  To define the image more I decided to sew with embroidery thread.  This was also interesting, but wow…..time consuming.  Maybe if I loved embroidery I wouldn’t think it was time consuming!  So I guess I found out I don’t love embroidery.  The photograph is of the coreopsis flowers in my garden.  They are so brilliantly yellow this time of year and really wanted to capture the similar yellow of your daffodils.  AND THEN apparently I was not done with this because I added a layer of epoxy resin.  Talk about overworking a piece- this one is the definition!  I should have stopped at the print.  Here is my process…..



and the final overworked piece….I think I like the envelope better than the art!


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