Wish Ceremony and Values 2013

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“We wish to share our knowledge and experience on how to live a creative life with

love and integrity”

~Laura and Tina, May 2013~

Every time we get together to work in one another’s studios, which only happens a few times a year, we set a wish/intention for the time in between seeing one another again. This quote developed over the course of the weekend, but had been stewing over the past four months.

At the beginning of the year we always pick a word to give us focus for what we intend to do and relate it to the One Little Word Project.  Rather than do that, we decided to tackle a bigger idea and articulate what our values are.  We wanted to figure out what it is about life that we feel is most important, what drives our decisions, and is felt at our core.   You know that icky feeling you have when you just made a decision that goes against your core value beliefs?  We do too.  Just to be clear-  we are speaking of values as a human quality and not exclusively in the spiritual/religious realm.  Sometimes we feel the word “value” gets a political bad rap as it has been overused in our culture so…. values, beliefs, understandings, or whatever you want to call them, it is that intuitive feeling of what you know to be true and right as a human being.   So….what do you value?  Have you ever articulated them?

After both of us making our individual lists through a lot of writing, emails, and phone conversations, we developed a list of about seven values each.  This past weekend we began analyzing where our common values are and we came up with creativity, love, community, education, and integrity.   Each value has a personal story on why we know this to be important. It stretches back to our experiences and knowledge about life so far. That is a MUCH longer story for another time!

Our values….

This is our reason for creating art for the world.

This is why we teach.

This is why we collaborate.

~~ Laura TWO Tina~~

p.s.  After all this work, we did return to the One Little Word Project and each decided on a word.  Anyone interested in hearing what they are?



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  1. Yes! Tell us aready!!
    I love how you light it up and release it to the Universe….to float and spinkle down on everyone. Now tell us….. ;)

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