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The past three days we have been working on and off in the studio, experimenting with printmaking and faux encaustics.  We printed on rice paper with oil-based water soluble printing inks.  Our thinking was to then layer these prints on top of each other for a spontaneous textured surface.  Once we applied the mat medium to each piece of printed rice paper, we could see through to the layer beneath.  Layer upon layer created fields of color.  Here are a few shots of the work in progress…



L2T printed papers

Our intention was to not think too much about the outcome but really play and be fluid with the materials. This meant we took out a lot of materials from Tina’s numerous drawers full of intricately designed papers, feathers and natural items, stencils, antique text pages, fabric, paint, and even some gold leaf.  To work side by side after being apart for so long certainly struck a cord with us.  Deliciously enjoyable.  How great would this be to do on a regular basis!

Now, the faux encaustic has been an interesting experiment.  Encaustics are made with wax and a blow torch.  Eventually we would like to put this fire power in our hands, but for now we used a heavy gel medium made by Golden paints.  We layered it on about a quarter inch thick on this piece, which is still drying where the white areas are.  Tina layered in some texture with molding paste, a feather, and a photograph with some sewing added.

For some reason the gel medium turned all the reds on the map into bright orange!  Happy accident or tragedy?  Not sure yet.  This picture is not awesome, but will take another picture with improved awesomeness once it has dried.


One last thing we want to mention before signing off… we wrote a proposal for an installation related to an idea we have had stewing for awhile.   We will let you know more details if it goes through.  In the meantime, check out what this organization, Enough Pie,  is up to for revitalizing a part of Charleston with collaboration and creativity.  Seeing this work makes our hearts warm and fuzzy.  The possibilities are exciting!

Laura and Tina

Tomorrow we will create our Wish Ceremony as Laura heads back to Connecticut.



elsie the dog who always sneaks on the bed when we don’t notice.  jedi mind tricks.

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