Gallery Walkin’… Beer Drinkin’

Holy City Brewery with Tina

Here we are enjoying a brew at Holy City Brewing Company on Friday night.  Laura, who is a wine drinker, actually liked the stout which was chocolaty and malty.  We tried to play some pool but it was pretty pathetic.  We always think we are so much better than reality!

Friday there was a gallery walk in Charleston so we meandered downtown to a few galleries.  The picture below is of Mackenzie King, co-owner and gallery director of a beautiful new gallery, The Art Mecca of Charleston. Laura fell in love with one of her creations the moment she walked in. It is a gorgeous one of a kind piece made from  recycled enamel.

Mackenzie King

These are more of Mackenzie’s creations. They are almost as gorgeous as she is.

MacKenzie jewelry

We also visited Atelier Gallery a lovely two floor gallery where Laura was excited to see the work of Christy Kinard, an artist she has followed for some time. It was a coincidence that she was the featured artist.  We both appreciated her use of papers and fabrics layered with paint.

Shellie Lewis-Dambax

Another artist Shellie Lewis-Dambax impressed us with her process.  The layers of drippy paint and varied line quality drew us in to look closer and longer.

face artist

Today we are planning and plotting some new opportunities which we will share another time.  Check out this painting below, which is outside the brewery.  It has a weathered look, but it is recently painted.

Check in tomorrow for more updates on our studio work together.

Tina and Laura

holy city brewery










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