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Hello Sweet T (& friends),

I was looking at my calendar planning, organizing myself and getting ready for upcoming show submissions and realized I am coming to see you next week!!! Is that possible? In my mind it seemed so far away. I have some serious thinking, dreaming and pack a lackin’ to do before my trip. My mind has been focused on a new body of work for my upcoming solo show at the Lighthouse Gallery in New London. I don’t think I announced the show here on the blog but it hasn’t been far from my mind! It will run from the end of July through August and I can’t wait! Hopefully you will be able to see it when you come visit me in  August. (stay tuned for more details!)


As you know “goddess Michelle” just left and now my friend Brigitte is currently en-route as we speak. I am invigorated by my time with them. Tomorrow will be a day of studio work and most likely a little self-discovery. Do you ever notice how you share different things with different people? Brigitte and I share an abundant love for books that help us grow in a very soulful way. She has been giving me snippets of them in our quick phone chats and I am looking forward to our reflective time together. I have tons of things swirling around in my head (don’t laugh! I know, I know, what else is new!).

One thing that helps ground me are the wise words in a little book called, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I have more to say about this favorite book of mine as it keeps coming up in conversation, even with Michelle when she was here. We joked that it would have made our younger years so much easier. One of the agreements is to “always do your best”. I am trying to do this right now with my current work. Part of that is having a vision for what I want in my life. This is being expressed in my artwork and I can feel it even in these meditative background paintings. I don’t know what it all means but it if feels right so I am just going to accept that as my best today. Sending so much love & creativity your way…love, Laura

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  1. I am THRILLED that you are coming. I need some Laura time!! Congrats on the solo show. That is big! Yes, you do have a lot on your plate, but you always do. I am dreaming of ideas for us to make some art when you come. I am in a place of needing some advice on how to proceed with my current work. Perfect timing for you to come here. We are definitely going to walk on the beach because the weather is beautiful….or lounge with a drink!

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