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Hello Sweet T (& friends!)~

How are you? Do you remember writing the quote above? It still resonates with me and remains true. This is one of the slides I created for my very first Artist Talk~OMG!. I spent a good part of last week and the beginning of this week preparing for it. It is hard to believe it was almost a year ago that the Mystic Calligraphy Association asked me to come and talk to them about my work. My how time creeps up on you! I remember feeling honored and intimidated when they asked me. My first thought was, “How am I going to talk for 2 HOURS?!?!?” & “What do I have of value to contribute to such a prestigious group?” In preparing for it I asked myself what I wanted my outcome to be (thank you Tony Robbins for putting this thought in my head) and what I felt in my heart was that my journey as an artist has been one of TRUST and self-discovery. I wanted to share my growth in finding my creative voice in a way that was inspiring and up lifting.


I had a few technological learning curves along the way. My first one was learning how to create a slide show. I know this sounds so trivial but it was something I had never done. As you know my perfectionism can sometimes get the best of me and this was no exception as it took me many many days of formulating my ideas, going through thousands of pictures (yes thousands), grouping them in a way that made sense, editing them and then designing a layout for each image along with quotes and other images I felt added to the work. I ended up with 112 slides and I have to say I felt really good about what I had done. I started ahead of time so my thoughts were organized and I felt prepared. As you know I can be a bit of a procrastinator with some things so this felt BEYOND AMAZING! Like jump for joy, girl you are finally getting it together amazing! I just wanted to really do my very best and that was what I did.

I found that I had to shift my mindset in the process. In the beginning I found my self chatter went something like, “you are going to be SO nervous” “you aren’t ready” & “blah blah blah”. When I found myself doing this I simply changed my thoughts and it made all the difference. You would be so proud of me! It really is what you tell yourself that creates your reality. My new mantra was “speak from your heart and trust that sharing what you have learned may inspire others”. What happened was the nervousness turned to excitement and when I got up there to talk I felt right at home and welcomed my new friends.

goddard mission statement

I found looking back through all of the work I did in Grad school at Goddard up until now was really a gift as it allowed me to see clearly just how far I have come. I know now that I will always aspire to be better, to learn, stretch and grow. I also recognize the importance of sharing what I am learning with others. I am curious if you ever look back on your Graduate studies and are amazed by all you have accomplished not only in your personal practice, but with all of the ways we have stretched each other through this collaboration? I am grateful to share this journey with you. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Love, Laura

p.s. I loved revisiting Goddard’s Mission Statement. It still resonates deeply with me. I am forever changed and grateful to have been a part of such a progressive program. I found this video on their website of the fabulous Peter Hocking I thought you would like. He is so genuine and speaks so eloquently about our Goddard experience don’t you think?



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One thought on “A very FIRST for Laura…

  1. Wow, Laura! A two-hour talk! Congratulations. I’m SURE you were wonderful and inspiring. After watching the Peter Hocking video I see how you and Tina came away with the approach to art and life that you do. It was revealing even though you’ve talked about how progressive the school is, his description nailed it for me.

    You asked about how my work was going in the last post. Marge Anderson has asked me to do a solo show at i5 which I am from 5/3 – 6/9 with a little talk both on opening night and on the last day as a “Meet the Artist”. I’m excited about it. Tomorrow and Tuesday our office and studio annex are getting new carpet tiles so we’ve had to move everything out of there. Currently we’re in a state of organized chaos! Must work on my poetry box for the Poet of the Wild installation in Mystic. Happy everything! Carol

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