Vision 5: Script Series

Laura Gaffke, Vision 5: Script Series
Laura Gaffke, Vision 5: Script Series

Dear Tina,

The daffodils are finally starting to come up in my garden and I am starting to find them in the grocery store (a little farther along). They make me smile and think about the warm months to come. I have been experimenting with different variations of protein smoothies & juicing. What you see here was made with carrots, a pear, an orange, and probably some other things I can’t seem to remember right now. Delish! Still lots to learn and recipes to try as I am committed to a healthy lifestyle. You know creativity in the kitchen isn’t exactly my forte~ha!



Vision5ScriptWEBDear Laura,

Do you remember when I took this picture?  We were in New York City last summer.  Too bad that mug had pink on it with the t!  It also has not escaped me which book is in the background.   At any rate, drinking coffee with you on our visits or over the phone is always a treat for me!



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