ReVision 4: Script Series (106)

ReVision 4: Script Series ©laura gaffke 2013
ReVision 4: Script Series ©laura gaffke 2013


TinaVision4ScriptWEBDear Tina,

I LOVE Dr. Seuss as well as the Lorax Village you had a chance to see. How fun is that?!?!? You are right, Dr. Seuss certainly did have a magical way of relating difficult issues to children. It made me want to share the story of the Lorax with my niece & nephew. My mind twirled thinking about how I could share nature with them. Perhaps some fairy houses are needed in my garden! For my ReVision I started by Iayering paint and collage papers then added the whimsical fuchsia flowers (a favorite plant in a hanging summer basket). I have always found these flowers to be fascinating and complex. I was inspired by the Dr. Seuss quote,

“Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are Simple.”

~Dr. Seuss

It made me think of the simple things we can do each day to make the world a better place. Thanks for sharing!

love, Laura


Laura Gaffke: ReVision 4/Script Series
Laura Gaffke: ReVision 4/Script

Dear Laura,

Your Vision photo this time around is one I want to frame and put up in my house.  This image reminded me of the weathered antique textbooks that I have in my studio so took them out and began paging through them.  I also noticed that my neighbors Water Ash tree has peeling bark just like your Birch tree.  I took some pictures and samples of this bark, brought them back to my studio and began mixing and combining these with with the text pages.  I took several days of arranging and then rearranging until I found a combination that I liked.  It is this process of decision making during the creative process that is hard to teach but can be cultivated over time.  This part of an art practice (the editing) is one I believe takes years to develop.  I still have more to learn with editing and making decisions to match my thoughts with what I am seeing with the materials.   This is the kind of thing I think we could talk about for hours!  I am sure we will when you come to visit this Spring!




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3 thoughts on “ReVision 4: Script Series (106)

  1. Tina:
    The pictures of what you did with the peeled Ash bark, old pages and lone white feather made me, as Laura might say, swoon! Straight to my aesthetic heart the vibes went and made my happy cords tremble!

    PS A friend in Rhode Island frequently gifts me with bark such as yours and sedimentary rocks and all manner of natural materials in various forms of decay. Natural wabi sabi?

  2. Both of these are so stunning and so gorgeous. I love the re-interpretation of the Dr.Suess quote and what it allowed both of you to continue thinking. It’s amazing, too, to think that sometimes the answers are easier than the questions.

  3. Hi Carol & Stacey!
    Thanks for saying hello! Yes, Carol, I am not surprised that Tina’s piece made you swoon. How is your work coming along? Stacey, this Vision/ReVision series we are working on really does make both of us stretch in our thinking that’s for sure. Happy day to both of you…love, Laura

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