Strange Birds…

bird.laura gaffke

Dear Tina (& friends),

I have just returned from a lovely trip with Brett to Florida to visit his parents. Although the weather wasn’t as warm as I had hoped (no tan here~boo hoo!) it certainly wasn’t as cold as it is here in New England so I will not complain. Brett & I went tooling around in the golf cart and kept seeing these funny birds. I was very much amused by the way they walked. They made me think of your Vision and the quirkiness of Dr. Suess (ReVision soon to come~very inspired!).

lgaffke florida bird 2

spanish moss trees

One of the golf cart paths was lined with these trees and I immediately thought how these trees are everywhere in Charleston aren’t they? It makes me even more anxious for our visit together next month. Hoping for warmer temperatures!


p.s. What kind of trees are these? Live Oaks? Do any of you happen to know what kind of birds these are?

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2 thoughts on “Strange Birds…

  1. That birdie would be the American White Ibis….and I think those tress do look like Live Oak with the moss on them….I loved them too when I lived down South. Kinda dreamy……

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