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Dear Tina & sweet friends,

I have been in creativity OVERLOAD and LOVE IT! I just finished a rockin’ three day webinar on Creative Live with James Wedmore about You Tube and I couldn’t take notes fast enough. It was so inspiring I am actually entertaining learning how to create videos of my work. As you can imagine it will be a learning curve but one that juices me up when I think about it!

I am also taking a wonderful class called, Blog Boss with Holly Becker of Decor8. I have been learning, watching, absorbing and inspired, hoping to make our blog better. I am also entertaining starting a second blog and researching ways to make it special & meaningful (more to come!).

This weeks homework was to closely examine blogs we love and do a case study on them.

Here are 8 blogs I LOVE & why I think they ROCK!

treasuring blog

Jessica Swift’s blog, Treasuring is amazingly colorful and FUN. I imagine her to be  genuine and sweet and I am in love with her creative work. She shares her inspiration, snippets of her current work, the different series she writes and little bit of her daily life. She is one gal I would love to know.

Art biz blog

Alyson Stanfield’s blog is wonderful not only for its ease in navigation but for the content as well. Her blog is about art business and she is amazingly generous with the information she  shares. Alyson is current, stays on top of trends and is always re-evaluating, assessing and updating her own blog and business. She makes me strive for the same commitment to  excellence she empowers.

feather banner3

I recently discovered Alisa Burke and love the clean layout of her blog. It is easy to navigate and her pictures are uniform and engaging. She has a unique font she uses for her titles and I am drawn to the sweet, hand drawn social media buttons with her artwork on them. Her many creative projects (which I LOVE) are photographed beautifully. This woman’s creativity never stops! SO very inspiring!

kelley rae

Kelly Rae’s blog rocks in so many ways. Visually, I love the white background with a pop of color in the border. You know right away what the blog is about from her description and get a sense of her style. Her social media buttons are in several places making it easy to navigate and she has created a clever list documenting her journey as both an artist and business woman. Kelly Rae is brilliant at authentically marketing her work, making you want to cheer her on in her journey.

mae chevretteI am a huge fan of Mae Chevrette’s artwork and since her blog documents her creative journey it makes for an inspiring read. It is well written, clean and inspiring. I also love her photographs and the cute kitties that she photographs in her studio. It makes me wish I had a studio cat!

creative thursday

I have followed Marisa of Creative Thursday for years now and am always inspired by her unique, authentic voice. She always seems to know just what I need to hear and is clear in her vision. She follows her intuition and shares the many different ways her artwork has evolved. She like me believes in the “thriving artist” but is realistic and honestly speaks about the ups and downs of being an artist. Marisa is thoughtful, encouraging, always evolving and refreshing.

Inspired blogI learned of Annetta Bosakova’s blog, Inspired from my class and I am blown away with her photographs! Her compositions, color and subject matter really resonate with me. I will enjoy following along in her journey and getting to know her better.

likes to smile blogNow who wouldn’t like a blog named, “Likes to Smile“? It makes me wish I had thought of the name myself! This blog celebrates the good things in life. I really appreciate Stacey, the authors creativity and sense of style.

Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as me! What are your favorite blogs? Please share with us in the comments or if you write one of your own let us know and leave a link. We always enjoy learning and meeting new friends!

Sending cheery smiles your way…Laura

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7 thoughts on “Blogs that ROCK!

  1. Hi Laura, Wow what an inspiration your homework post for blogboss is! I just loved looking through what inspires you and the wonderful blogs that ‘rock’ for you, I am sure I will be adding them to my list of blogs to check out. Thanks x Fi

  2. Hey Laura, It is good to see what you were talking about on the phone the other day. All of these blogs are definitely up your alley. I can see why you are inspired by them. What a great exercise for everyone to do. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello, girls! I absolutely loved the idea of this blog! I’ve never seen anything like it! I’m already following you with bloglovin.
    Greetings from Brazil,
    Rosa (via BYW)

  4. Hello Ladies!
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I really enjoy your blogs too. Rosa, I wondered if there was a way to convert your blog to English? Your pictures are amazing and I would love to read what you wrote! So fun to see you and Fiona here from class. Cheery Smiles your way…Laura

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