Vision 4: Script Series

Laura Gaffke: ReVision 4/Script Series
Laura Gaffke Vision 4/Script Series

Dear Tina,

I snowshoed a trail while I was in NH called, Bridal Veil a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful hike to a frozen waterfall. It’s supposed to look just like the name when the water is flowing and looked magical frozen. I lugged my back pack with my good camera (and a few beers, yes, I drank beer!) to the top. The hike took a little longer than I had expected but was a peaceful and rewarding adventure. This white birch tree stood out among the freshly fallen white snow. I loved the color and texture and thought you might too! It looks very different then the earlier Vision I shared of the birch trees that you can see HERE.

love, Laura

Tina Hirsig, Vision 4: Script Series

Dear Laura,

On a recent family trip to Universal Studios we walked through Dr. Suess land.  That man had an incredible vision for how to speak to young people about complex issues. I think as adults, we all need to go back and revisit his stories.   I know that you have a special concern for the environment and making actions against the “Once-lers” and figured you would appreciate this exhibit on such a grand scale.  Even his choice of colors seemed like something you might be able to relate to.  There was not a straight edge or 90 degree angle in this part of the park.  Perhaps this vision will spark something in your studio today.



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