ReVision 3 Script Series


Vision3Tina Script
Tina’s Vision 3 Script

Hello Sweet T~

I loved that you thought my paintings looked luminous! It is true, I do often put a little sparkle in them. I did some blind contour line drawings of these tulips. They just look happy to me and remind me that spring is right around the corner. In fact I have crocuses coming up in our garden. I hope they make it through the snow that we just got. This piece reads, “share your light” and makes me think of how generous and giving you are. You light me up! love you…


ReVision 3 Script
Laura ReVision 3 Script


winter flower
Laura Vision 3 Script

Dear Laura,

Inspired by your antique metal flower, I browsed my antique photos.  Lately in my individual work I have been interested in drawing the women in the photos.  The back of this photo is labeled “Grandma Lou”.  I wonder what stories Grandma Lou could tell us.  I have been enjoying using graphite and my letter stencils to add compositional interest.  Erasing and adding with a soft 6B graphite pencil (Monolith) has been my medium of choice lately.  This portrait drawing on a map for this ReVision was an experiment that is leading to a bigger piece I will have exhibited in ArtFields this coming April.




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