We need a new paradigm…just saying

Dear Tina,

We have had many phone conversations about this exact topic and I wondered if you had seen this video. I love how he shares what is possible and encourages curiosity, wonder, imagination and self-taught learning as this is where we both believe the real magic happens. It got me juiced up for sure and filled with possibility. I wanted to extend this conversation to our readers. What are your thoughts on this topic?


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4 thoughts on “We need a new paradigm…just saying

  1. Amazing Idea!! This guy rocks, i could listen all day to him speak and this idea is just soooooooo right on with what the world needs now….it’s love, that is how we learn…love.

  2. Hi Sue, Susan & Carol!
    Carol, I am not sure why it isn’t working for you! It seems to be working for other people so I am not sure what is wrong? Susan & Sue, thank you so much for watching and sharing! Interesting, isn’t it? xoLaura

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