We are here to…

©laura gaffke 2013
©laura gaffke 2013 “Morning Mist” acrylic, 9 x 9 inches *available for now

We are here to…………





create bliss

serve with love

help each other

pave a path for those to follow

…fly high and low…. for that COLOR

Treasure every moment and grow

enjoy the moments


rock your face off!

help others in need

be kind, be creative, learn and teach

make a difference

I asked this question on my facebook page while I was working my ReVision 2 and as you can see I was overwhelmed with the responses! People were so generous with their thoughts. Working alone in the studio I am always curious how others will respond to the questions I ask of myself.

My response to this question was:

We are here to lift each other up”

I had intended on adding script to this painting but it had a mind of its own as you can see from its origin HERE. After I finished it decided I really liked how light and airy it was and decided not to add the text. I am often surprised by  what happens when I trust my intuition.

The title of the painting is “Morning Mist”. Thank you Sue and everyone else who left a suggestion on my facebook page. I really appreciate it! Come on over and say hello.

love, Laura

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