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teacup painting1

Hello Sweet T (& friends)~

Acrylic paint has been my obsession for some time but I have been wanting to push myself a bit, experiment and use my mixed media muscles so I pulled out some of my thick caran d’ash crayons and colored pencils and built up a bunch of layers. I know you and I had talked recently about the playful aspect of our Vision/ReVision project that we enjoyed so much and I want to pull that playfulness back into my work. teacup 3

It is so easy to get caught up in the pressure of preparing for shows and the desire to create “strong, meaningful work” that you loose sight of where the magic and discovery happens and I believe that is when we create space for it without these pressures. This is what I did here. I really loved the colors and textures I got from the oil sticks but when I came back to it the next day it just wasn’t right.

lift 5

lift painting 1

SOooooo, I turned it over and “allowed” this to come through (this is a cropped part of the larger canvas). I am not finished with it yet but love the transformation. It think the flowers give the painting that happy, uplifting vibe I was going for. What do you think? I will share more as it evolves.

Sending you a magical day filled with inspiration & love,


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One thought on “Where the magic happens…

  1. Hey Laura,
    Glad to see you are getting some play time in your studio. I know I need to get myself into this mode more than I do. I also really enjoy seeing your process unfold. We need to do more posts on how our art got from the beginning to the end. I see you are using some blue. I know you are not a fan of this color so it is good to see you expanding your color palette too. Keep it comin’!

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