ReVision 2: Script Series

Vision2ScriptTinaWEBDear Tina,

I loved seeing your “LOVE” sign from New Orleans! SO FUN and you know I am all about the love! I was thinking about how love can lift you up. You and our friendship lift me up in so many ways and I wanted you to know.  Dragonflies are a repeated theme in my work because of what they symbolize~staying present and living for today. I added the heart to remind me to look at those around me with compassion and love.





Laura's Visoin 2: Script
Laura’s Visoin 2: Script

Dear Laura,

I have been intrigued by your Vision photo with the cool colors, tree branch pattern (that inevitably makes its way into all my artwork), and the layered quality of reflection and textures.  I was surprised to have difficulty getting started on this ReVision. I suspect it is because I liked the photo too much.  Looking back I think I should have used your photo in some way by creating a photo transfer print.   I am still not thrilled with my result and see that I could use some more time in the editing phase, but wanted to make a solution to post this weekend.  I have been preoccupied with some of my drawings which I will post at a future date.  At any rate, I see all these Vision/ReVision’s as works in process.   I think this is what makes it work for us.  They are small enough to really get an idea going or create multiple solutions to one question we have in our work.  I created three different versions of this one and eventually settled on “capture” as my Script element.  This one has a textured element.  It is one to hold and feel as much see.  The thread seemed to ‘tie’ it all together in the end.



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