Winter Wonderland…

Brett's wintery shop

Hello Sweet T~

I thought I would share a few pics of what my weekend has been like up here in the North. As you know we have had quite a storm! Nemo & Charlotte dropped quite a bit of “the white stuff” on us! It was quite a blizzard. Many people are without power and still haven’t had their roads plowed and my heart goes out to them. I have finally dug myself out and meandered around my yard with my camera. Everything is so beautiful! I am not sure if I ever shared a picture of Brett’s new shed/workshop? Well, here it is all adorned in winter bling. (I personally still think it would make a great studio, just saying..).

One of my favorite details was the transom windows we put in. They let so much light in. I named the driftwood whale Fiona. Brett picked her out when he came to visit me at the Narragansett Art Festival this summer. Isn’t she cute?

winter whale

river view

Wintery river view

fence in snow

I love this old fence I found at the Brimfield Antique Show awhile back. Not sure it will stay here come spring but I liked how it looked with all the snow on it.

winter sculpture

This sculpture came with me when I sold my magical cottage in NH. I love having this  in my garden as a reminder of that special place I once called home.


Our rhododendrons were almost completely covered.

lilac branch

Brett just told me he needed to prune the lilac tree that lines our driveway. Well, Mother Nature was listening and helped him out taking down 3 big branches. I was drawn to the way the light hit them and the shadows on the ground.


Brett was in NH for the weekend snowmobiling so it was up to this girl to use some muscle to dig us out. We had a foot of ice and two feet of snow on top of that! Not an easy feat! I admit to feeling quite triumphant when I finally unearthed Brett’s “big rig”. My neighbors took pity on me and came over to give me a hand, then another neighbor came over with his snowblower to finish the rest of the driveway. You can imagine how grateful I was, so grateful in fact I decided to bake some banana bread to thank them. The house smelled so good when Brett came home (I baked him his own, just cause I love him).

sunflowerThis sunflower was a total random act of kindness from a lovely man named Jerry who worked at Stonington Gardens. He helped to put our patio in a few years ago and we had had a few nice conversations about art over the summer. He revealed that he did some creative work on his own with metal and described these flowers he made. I told him how nice they sounded and admired his creativity. A few weeks later I came home to find this flower in my garden. I cannot tell you how much my heart swooned at his thoughtfulness. It inspired me to pay it forward. 
winter blooms

I spent some time forcing bulbs in different containers. They look so pretty in my new window and will make winter a bit easier to bear. I planted a couple of amaryllis bulbs as well. I can’t wait to watch them grow! I will leave you with this my dear. Going to sit by the fire and relax with my man and our good friend Troy.


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  1. Thanks for posting these photos Laura. It looks beautiful! I miss the snow for those moments but not the shoveling! ~Tina

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