Vision 2: Script

Vision 2 Script: Tina


Dear Laura,

Do you love it?  This is a follow up to last week’s Vision since I also took this photo in New Orleans.  I got interested in the hand crafted signs in the city and took long walks to find them.  Glad I have an opportunity to share them here.  It seems that art of the hand crafted sign is slowly slipping away to the computer generated kind.  Maybe I am wrong.  I am going to do a walk in Charleston on Friday and will let you know what I find out.


Laura's Visoin 2: Script
Vision 2 Script: Laura

Dear Tina,

I took a break from my work this afternoon and went for a little adventure. It has been quite gloomy and cold here so when I saw the sun peek its pretty head out I thought I would say hello. My escapade was short lived as I couldn’t take the cold but was struck by the shadows and light on the building next to the studio upon my return. The trees, colors and aged look of the bricks totally reminded me of you. I find how we associate things in our life fascinating, don’t you?

xo Laura

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