ReVision 1: Script

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Tina Vision 1: Script
Tina Vision 1: Script

Dear Tina,

Your first Vision in our new series reminded me of my travels to Italy and all the architecture my eyes memorized. Everything was a feast for the visual, even the graffiti. The old buildings had such character with the layers and layers of paint. I thought of how layered and complex we are, each with our own unique story and history, much like these buildings. I started off using moulding paste to create a textured background, then built up my surface from there by adding saturated color, sanding and reapplying the paint to give it a worn, old look. It took me a few tries to get the text right. My handwriting isn’t as beautiful as old, italian script but it is unique to me and allowed me to play which is how I process, learn and grow as an artist.

I photographed an early version of my piece on top of a gorgeous aqua colored peeling door from Caroline Quartermaine‘s book Revealed, one of the all time favorite books in my collection. It is light, fresh, airy and romantic. Her use of vintage items paired with fresh, vibrant, saturated color is AMAZING! She has a unique way of styling so many of the things I love like flowers, vintage book pages, color and art, not to mention her use of script on textiles in lush gold and silver paint. Simply divine. Thought you might like this video on her and thoughts on creativity and studio practice.

Very inspiring….xoLaura

Laura's ReVision 1: Script Series
Laura’s ReVision 1: Script Series

Dear Laura,

Laura's Vision 1 -Script Series
Laura’s Vision 1 -Script

You know I am a big fan of maps so to see your Vision with the globe got me excited to sift through my collection of maps.  Some I have acquired from others who were disposing of them (aka- dumpster dive), some have been given to me, while others I have purchased along the way.  I initially thought I was going to draw a map of some sort, but then got very interested in the letter stencils I picked up at the art store.  I was doing some research on Jasper John’s use of letters and stencils in his work so began playing with composition randomly.  This was great and will continue this either in my own work or for our next Vision/ReVision.  I think what I enjoyed about this was the layering of shapes of the letters and improvisation.  I started with graphite pencil, tried a few color attempts (and lost), and experimented with a new transfer technique (also lost), so I settled on a little bit of color and a sewn on map element rather than a transfer.  I also started on a rough drawing paper but learned I do not like this.  I like it very smooth so I can blur and smudge my lines.

As we spoke on the phone earlier, this project is so fantastic because it offers us an opportunity to try something new.  The result may not be what we hoped and planned for at the beginning, but the process always leads us to more ideas.   What a gift to share with you!






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