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“Eccentric Tea Party” acrylic, 18 x 18 inches ©laura gaffke 2013 *available*

Dear Sweet T & friends,

Do you remember when I started this painting? Yes, it was back in November and I was nestled in with my “goddess sister” Michelle in NH at a lovely cabin in the woods. It was the first snow of the season and just after Thanksgiving. You can read more about it HERE. Well, it sure has changed a lot since then….

I started out with these first layers of paint and a very red background
tea party light
I wanted to mute some of the bold colors but found this to be too washed out so in the end I brought them back in. (see first painting above)

I wasn’t sure where this painting was going but as I got still and thought back to when I started it I was overwhelmed thinking about connection and all of the long lasting friendships I have like with you and Michelle. They mean the world to me and honestly I don’t know what I would do without them. When I look at the tea cups in this painting I see diverse personalities and bright, kindred spirits. They are brought out in the patterns on the cups and the beaming colors. I decided to call it,”eccentric tea party” because it reminds me of all the fun, silly times I have had with my family and friends who I know will love me no matter what.  My friendships inspire me make me feel alive. They help me grow and strive to be a better person. It’s funny how you can look at something you have painted after it’s done and everything becomes clear. We need our friends & the silly sometimes don’t we? This painting is a tribute to the those fleeting moments that we hold so dear.

goddess sisters
goddess sisters

I thought I would share a picture of one of the many “goddess parties” I had at my magical cottage when I lived in NH. Note the tiaras~a goddess MUST! Sending a little frivolousness your way on this chilly New England day…

love, Laura


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