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This is our last Vision/ReVision with the theme of “home”.  We have been making work on this theme for six months and we are ready for a new challenge, but we suspect “home” will be a theme that will weave it’s way in and out of future work.  It is one we have touched on many times in the past six years of making work together. Tomorrow we will be revealing our newest theme in this collaborative series of artwork.


Dear Sweet T,

I have been thinking about your last Vision and loved how you talked about “seeds of renewal.” I love that thought! As we meander into the new year I have been thinking about what that means to me. I wanted to go outside to search for seed pods but it has been bitterly cold here so I used these tulips as a nod to this idea. I make a point to have fresh flowers in my house, especially in the winter. Seeing tulips recently in the flower shop immediately reminded me of Spring. Flowers help keep my spirits up through these long, winter months. I thought I would try the color palette you are so fond of (see my attempt in the underpainting) but alas the painting wanted to go in another direction, inspired by my Caribbean vacation. I know you don’t usually see tulips at the beach but it was my way of sharing a few things that I love with you. Here is to a year of renewal and a continuous, beautiful friendship!

Love you girly!


Laura's ReVision 7: Home
Laura’s ReVision 7: Home

Dear Laura,

I have been thinking about transition since your Vision 7 post.  You are certainly going through one with your home construction right now, but we are both going through transitions in our careers, teaching, and art practices.  It seems that change and transition are necessary to go beyond what we know to experience new territory.  This is easier said in hindsight, but I do hope we both keep this in mind when the going gets tough.  I created this pen and ink drawing of a feather my friend gave me. It started out as a pen drawing and then I decided to add the watercolor wash.  Unfortunately, I did not start this on a watercolor paper so it has warped a little. I am always improvising so I didn’t anticipate I was going to add water media.  Such is art.  The feather is from an owl and feels like fur; unlike any other feather I have felt.  I suppose this is to silence the sound of their flight.  An owl seems an appropriate metaphor for this coming year.  It will be one of patience, visual acuity, and grace.




Tina's ReVision 7
Tina’s ReVision 7
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