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Dear Tina & friends!

I have something I am BEYOND DELIGHTED to share with you! You might remember me writing this post about the life of an artist being uncertain, well being a part of Spark and Inspire by Robin Norgren helped me feel like I was less alone in this journey. I was completely flattered when Robin asked me to be a part of this wonderful collaboration and I have learned so much in the process. You can too when you read interviews from over 40 women (including me!) about what it is like to run a creative business.

Within these pages you will find the voices of over 40 creative entrepreneurs who

…run their businesses both online and in brick and mortar stores
…run workshops and sell in shows
…have a range of experiences and have been in business from 1 year to more than 25 years
…offer you no nonsense information on their processes and how they have been able to keep moving in tough economic times
…found a way to let good ideas go when the money was not in line with the dream.
A few of the questions include:

The hardest part about pursuing a dream…

Collaborations: A good idea?

What would you consider the ‘favorite’ mistake in your business?

I’m super excited to be offering a FREE PDF copy of this extraordinary book thanks to Robin’s generosity!

What you get…

  • 237 pages sent to your inbox
  • Comprehensive insight from soulful creative entrepreneurs
  • 41 artists
  • 30 questions
  • Each question offers insight from AT LEAST 8 artists

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below with a way for me to reach you. If you feel generous I would love for you to share this post on Facebook if you have an account (I’m not going to check on this, but it would be super-cool if you did). The winner will be announced Sunday, January 30th. Can’t wait to win? Click here to purchase the book now!

Available in PDF Format here.
Available in paperback  (which I highly recommend) and Kindle editions on
(disclosure: affiliate links)

Wishing you the best of luck and the warmest holiday wishes your way!

love, Laura

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12 thoughts on “Ready to be Inspired & Win an AWESOME book?

  1. What a wonderful resource for artists! Thanks so much for sharing it, Laura…I’m sharing with my artsy friends. Joyful Christmas to you and your family!!! ~ Michelle

  2. First- Laura, thanks for the wonderful card! So sweet of you to include me on your list- much appreciated!

    Second- sounds like a great inspiration, read, knowledgeable read! Would be grand!

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