Looking Back and Looking Forward

Happy New Year!

These two women in this antique photo have always set a tone for our blog and work.  They have become our logo of sorts to describe our collaboration, friendship, and intention to always have fun.  This past summer we recreated this photo with some of Laura’s vintage aprons.  Those bathing suits were one of a kind to recreate so we didn’t even go there (not to mention a bit frumpy).

In a few weeks Laura and I will be writing about this coming year~ our plans, goals, and hopes.  For today we would like to share some highlights we discussed here on the blog in 2012 with links if you would like to tap into the conversation.

We started off 2012 with the One Little Word Project created by Ali Edwards.  Find our little words at this post HERE.  We have been discussing our new words for 2013 over the phone and will be posting them soon along with some reflections on our words from 2012.

We hit 90 posts for our original Vision/ReVision Project we started in graduate school.  Now that is something to celebrate!  We started with a simple intention to stay in touch in between our residencies at Goddard College and it has blossomed into a project that has produced over 100 pieces of art.  It has proven to be our most successful collaborative project that is continuing today.

Laura has continued the collaborative spirit by starting collaborative paintings with her good friend Michelle.  They have created numerous paintings during 2012.  Read the post on one of their collaborations HERE. Michelle was also a guest blogger.  Thanks for contributing to the conversation Michelle!

We have had many art exhibits along the road this year with our own studio work.  Laura’s Spring Open Studio and Fall Open Studio (along with numerous of art festivals through the year!), Laura’s solo exhibition, Tina’s solo exhibition, and Tina’s experience of curating an exhibition.

We were nominated for a Liebster Blog Award and passed the award on to others we admire.

Although our T.A.O.S project is slow we have posted updates like this one HERE.  We have some fresh ideas on making this project more productive for the New Year.


Here is a secret about why Laura and I work so well together…….we both value learning through creating art.  That’s right….art geeks.  This explains why we are always signing up for classes on our craft, business, and interests.   It must be the educator in us.  It is true that if you are a teacher, you are someone who is constantly interested in learning something new.  This lead to our exploration with color for six months which you can see a post about HERE.  It also redirected our Vision/ReVision project.  After our visit in Connecticut we started talking about what we could learn from a redirection of the Vision/ReVision project.  Read our thoughts HERE.  We have since been pondering the meaning of HOME and will be shifting our focus to a new theme for 2013 (more on that later).

We had an amazing visit in August (it had been over a year since we had seen one another!).  We posted every day about our exploits and wanderings from Connecticut to New York City.  Check out Day One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six.  We also posted about our Wish Ceremony which we always do upon our departure.  This time we did this in Central Park, NYC.

We are very appreciative to everyone who has followed us on this journey over the years and wish you all good health, love, and friendship for 2013!


Laura Two Tina



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4 thoughts on “Looking Back and Looking Forward

  1. So excited to be able to tag along for this amazing journey and to watch your artwork grow with the two of you. Looking forward to what happens next knowing I will be inspired to continue to artistically evolve. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Can’t wait to hear your OLW’s for the new year ladies! What a year of accomplishment for you both…together and individually. You are inspiring.

  3. Thanks Michelle and Sue! We are also inspired by YOU! Let’s make 2013 a great one together.

  4. Tina, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this and reflect on our year together! I know how time consuming it is for me to write and put in all the links! It was SO fun for me to go back and revisit some of our fondest memories. I am looking forward to a bright new year of innovation and collaboration! love ya sweet girl! xoLaura
    p.s. Michelle & Sue, thanks for all of your continued support!

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