Finding the holiday spirit within…

some of my handmade holiday gift tags

Dear Tina,

I have been feeling slightly glum this past week, trying to keep the holiday spirit in my heart when everyone’s heart is so heavy thinking about the Newtown tragedy. It makes things like not being able to decorate my house for the holidays completely insignificant, yet these traditions are what often grounds us, don’t you think? Unfortunately this year it is just not possible. Our house is under construction and with setbacks from Hurricane Sandy things are displaced everywhere and there is no hope for us even getting a Christmas tree. Although I was disappointed I am choosing to carry the holiday spirit in my heart and put my focus on others, knowing this is where the magic of the season truly lives.

Here is a picture of what our living room presently looks like. We live in one very small, old house. Brett is pretty sure it was a Sears Kit Home. He bought this house, gutted it and did a great job renovating it long before we got married. I am quite proud of him and glad I didn’t have to live through that renovation! Living close to Bluff Point makes it all the more special.

Bluff Point

Because it is so small we are always trying to find ways to add a bit of extra storage and charm, so when our street converted to natural gas this summer we jumped on the bandwagon. Because of this we are now able to have a fireplace! Although not a real wood burning fireplace like the one I grew up with I am really excited about it. We picked out a really nice one that looks as close to the real thing as we could get. Not only will it save us money on our heating bill it will make the room feel really cozy and warm.

Since we had to rip the wall apart to do it we decided to add built in bookcases for storage and display. The transom window above the entryway was an added addition to ventilate the room. It is already letting in SO much more light! I love it! The only window in this room prior to our renovation was a nice large window with a perfect ledge for my plants. The only problem was that it was just a big piece of glass that didn’t OPEN! Not ideal for steamy, summer New England days! If you look closely in the back of the picture you will notice two spots left for regular sized windows~yippee! I will have more to share so stay tuned!

love, Laura

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  1. Looks like things are moving along in your new space…Hey, maybe you could put a tree in a bucket out on your backporch and put lights and weather proof decoations on it??? It would be visible from your little living room?!!! Make you smile all Christmassy??

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