Vision 7: Series on Home

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Dear Laura,

I went for a walk yesterday and took pictures of the many seeds in my neighborhood.  I have been thinking about how winter brings a quiet and stillness to the air. Remember your series of work you created on seed pods back in graduate school?

This is my color palette this time of year also.  The burnt umber, cinnamon orange, ochre yellow, and creamy white.  The landscape is a feast for my eyes.

Seeds and renewal are a good place to end this Vision for 2012 as well as our series on HOME.


p.s.  Laura and I will be starting a new series for this Vision/ReVision project in 2013.  Stay tuned to find out what our next theme is!

laura’s Vision 7: home

Dear Tina,

Presently my life feels a little unstable on the home front. As you know we are currently going through a little home renovation. It is turning out to be a MUCH longer process than we originally thought and my home doesn’t feel quite right right now as all of our possessions are displaced throughout the house. I know in the end it will be all worth it and I am a little giddy thinking about the outcome. I took this picture of a little nest I have in my dining room as a reminder that once it is all over I will be able to re-adjust, move things around, let go of things that are no longer of use and decorate, all of which will make our house feel more like a home.



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