Holiday Open Studio: A few highlights on a magical night…

Dear Tina & friends~

I have to tell you the morning after my Open Studio I slept until almost 9:30! I rare treat let me tell you! If it wasn’t for our cat Teege scratching at my bedroom door I think I could have slept all morning. I have been SO tired lately and this whole week has been no exception. In fact, I am still not sleeping well and am not sure why. Maybe it’s the never ending “to do” lists we all have this time of year twirling about in my head? At any rate I wanted to share a few highlights from our Open Studio. It was a truly an enchanting evening…

Our entryway was adorned with fresh greens and a little sparkle. You can see a few of my paintings on the wall. Two are part of my wine series and the pears continue to be a favorite among visitors.

You are greeted by Santa when you enter my studio. Isn’t he cute? I love how lanky he is!

I get SUPER EXCITED anticipating my open studio for many reasons. First of all, I get to spend time decorating the space which is something that brings me great joy. I seriously get lost in time and know it takes me WAY longer than it should to create my displays and hang my work but I always want to mix things up and make it special for my guests.

As you know from my Brimfield excursions I am always on the look out for interesting vintage items like this chippy antique white case that my good friend Sue gifted me. It displays my little square block prints beautifully.

I have a collection of old wooden spools and acorns that I scattered about. Can you spot them? Do you have any favorite collections? I love Lisa Congdon’s book “A Collection a Day“. She photographed all of her collections on her blog for 365 days and it became a book! It just goes to show you that you never know where things can go with your art when you share it. It gives me hope for my work.

I love my twiggy tree. I can’t remember where I got it but I just love it. It is so simple with a burlap bottom. I tied a fun “laura colored” ribbon to and stacked the cute boxes my squares come in under the tree. I wanted them to look like the perfect gift packages just waiting to go to a good home. I still have a bunch to list in my Etsy shop so stay tuned!

Each of my art squares comes with a note from me explaining how they are made. Brett cuts the wood for me then I prime, paint, sand the sides and corners to distress them, stamp the sides with vintage text and put the hangers on the back. You might remember them making their debut at our Spring Fling Fiesta. I love that Brett is willing to help me with my work. He is presently working on some new panels that I am really excited about!

I did end up leaving my worktable a little messy as Tina had suggested in THIS post of her work.

I put out bits of our collaboration in a cigar box Brett gave me. I wanted people to see our process. It was fun to share.

I displayed my new calendars on this fun red screen in the window. I just love how nice they came out and am unbelievably grateful for how well received they were! I only have a few left so if you would like one you can find them in my shop.

A couple studio views…

I still have so much more to share but will stop for now and end with gratitude as this is becoming a long post. You can see more pictures of the evening including the work of our guest artists on my facebook fan page (make sure to hover over the ‘like’ button and choose ‘get notifications’, too. That’s important!) It was such a magical night and I cannot thank everyone enough who came out and supported us. This is what makes the hard work worth all the effort!

With appreciation & love, Laura


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