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Dear Laura,

You had asked yesterday if you should leave a table in your studio with process work and my answer is a definite YES!  In fact, I enjoy seeing this more than the final work because this is where the real joy lives.  It demonstrates how we play, experiment, think, ask questions, understand, edit and revise (and then edit and revise again- we are such perfectionists!).  Above is a picture of several of my pieces in my exhibition as I was laying them out and arranging into a composition.  This took many weeks to decide.  I ended up sewing many of these elements together.  For folks in Charleston, you can come see these with me at my artist reception TONIGHT.  Details are listed below.

Laura, post more pictures of your open studio event throughout the weekend please, even if it is a quick picture on our facebook page or your facebook page.   Best wishes for your success at your Open Studio!  Cheers!


Charleston Digital Corridor

Flagship Gallery

475-A East Bay Street

Charleston SC


~~~~First 25 people take home a handcrafted gift from me~~~~

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One thought on “In Process…to Completion

  1. Tina!
    This is SO awesome to see! I was leaning in that direction myself as that is what I find interesting as well. I cannot wait to hear how your opening was! SO EXCITED for you! That is quite an accomplishment. Please know I am there in spirit and will look forward to seeing pictures of the event. I will make sure to take some of my Open Studio too! Love ya! Laura

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