Cupcakes, Champagne & Art…

photo credit: Millie Donovan

Last night we had our very first studio Champagne & Cupcake “Preview Party”and I have to say it was quite delightful! Things are very lively during an Open Studio so this gave us a moment to pause and enjoy our guests before the weekend. There is something special about cupcakes & champagne on a tuesday night, don’t you think? I still have a lot to do but feel really good about how everything looks on the walls. Our guest artists did a splendid job making sure each of their spaces are impeccably beautiful. It is always exciting to see what new things they have been creating. I am a flutter thinking about sharing some of my new paintings and seeing how they will be received. Thought I would give you a little “tease” of my new work…

Two new paintings in my “Above & Below the Surface” Series
You will have to come and see what the whole “poem” says!
My messy desk with some small paintings to finish!

Although most of my studio is all spiffed up and decorated I am still working so my table is still a mess! Although I won’t leave it this messy I was thinking about leaving some things out so people could see my “process”. Do you think this would be interesting or better to have it clean for the night? Would love your thoughts…

Millie & I have had very long days preparing everything, even working until the wee hours of the morning one night which I have not done in some time. I think it is hitting me today actually! Oh no, the silliness may take over so watch out! I think our attention to detail and the energy we feel will bring everything together. Hope to see you and your friends this weekend for all the fun!

Love, Laura

p.s. Here are the details. If you are not on my mailing list and would like to be just email me your contact information at and I will keep you “in the know”!

p.s.s. In case you are in the area the Westerly Holiday Stroll is this evening! You can find me strolling along at The Artist’s Cooperative Gallery (which I have work in), The Hoxie Gallery & the Red Couch Studio! Hoping to see Santa!


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