ReVision 6 revamped

Dear Laura,

So, here I am in the studio today looking at the ReVision 6 I wanted to send to you and I had an idea to make it even better. I began ripping it up into pieces!  I thought, well, if I ruin it Laura will understand and I will do it over.  But, what resulted was something I liked better than the original.  It needed something to simplify the composition so added negative spaces with the grey paper- essentially giving your eye a place to rest.  The cloth at the top connected it all together.  Here’s to taking a risk!


p.s.- I hope your show in Guilford was a success yesterday!

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One thought on “ReVision 6 revamped

  1. Tina, I just LOVE this! Yes, here is to taking a risk! Thanks for asking about Guilford. It was a really nice show! xoL

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