ReVision 6

Laura’s ReVision 6

Dear Tina,

Your Vision reminded me of all the farms and apple orchards I had around me growing up in NH. Although I have found a few farmer’s markets here in CT I haven’t come across any farms. Just recently my lovely neighbors surprised Brett & I with the most delicious cider from Clyde’s Cider Mill which I understand is in Old Mystic. I will be delighted to investigate the mill someday and get some apples. My sister Kathy is famous for her wonderful apple pie which she made for Thanksgiving. My ReVision is a whimsical painting of apples where I tried to convey the fond memories I have of going home to my parents for the holidays. I used some vintage looking papers to convey a sense of nostalgia. I am filled with gratitude for every moment I spend with family & friends.


Dear Laura,

I have been thinking about how the landscape changes at my home and how different it must be at yours.  My garden is still in bloom, although it is showing signs of fading, much like your zinnias.  We actually had a light frost two nights ago! One plant in our garden that makes a showing this time of year- the Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia Leucantha) is the one I decided to use as my topic for this ReVision.  It is the color that attracted me, much like your red zinnias in your Vision  When a hard frost comes it is gone until the spring.  I am realizing while writing this how much our gardens are part of how we define home.  Have you noticed that?

I took out my chalk pastels for this ReVision.  The pastels are a material that I return to often for their expressive potential and easy play with color.  I enjoy them more than any other drawing media.  I chose a map to draw on as an experiment and I think it ended up adding a sense of depth and texture that plain paper would not have.  This has inspired me to get back into my pastels this month and actually explore some color!



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  1. Such an inspiring post and i am loving all the gorgeous colors i see here! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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