Vision 6: Series On Home

Dear Laura,

My lemons are turning!  Some of them have come off a bit early, but we are finally getting ripe ones now.  This tree has been in the ground around our home for four years and is just now producing fruit.  We have been delighted to watch this happen from the flower buds last spring to now.  I am not sure if it will produce next year, so will be enjoying it this year with lemon pies, lemon ice cream, lemonade, and lemon added to all our meals.  I know you have an abundance of apples in the Northeast this time of year but wonder what else around your home might be peaking now before the cold sets in.


Laura’s Vision 6

Dear Tina,

This is the last of the zinnias in my garden. I cut them before our first killing frost. Most of my flowers have now passed and I will miss going out, observing what is newly blooming  and cutting fresh bouquets for my home. It is one of my favorite things to do. As you know this is where I  draw so much inspiration for my artwork. I have journals filled with sketches I savor for the winter months. Don’t you think there is something magical about bringing the outside in? Maybe this is why I have so many plants in my house! Do you often have fresh flowers in your home? I wonder how different the flowers are where you live.

xo Laura

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