Moment to pause…


Dear Tina (& friends),

I want you to know how EXCITED I am for your BIG show at the Flagship Gallery in Charleston! I hope you take lots of pictures and will share them for all of us to see. I am sure it will be AMAZING!

“Enjoy this Moment” mixed media, 4 x 4 inches ©laura gaffke *original available HERE

I have been working on a series of new work for my upcoming holiday shows that I am kind of in love with. They are small pieces which are always fun for me. You would think they would take less time to create but sometimes I think they take MORE time! All of the colors go together so they can be intermingled to create a really nice grouping on a wall or would look super cute on a desk, shelf or mantel. I have really loved using the cradled wood panels I discovered at that awesome art store you took me to in Charleston. Luckily I can order them online. They work well because they don’t need to be framed but can be if you  like a  different look. I painted the edges and then hand stamp them with some French text~don’t ask me what it says! If I had to guess it would be something fabulous about how awesome everything is in the world or something inspirational like embracing the moment and appreciating each other. I am going with that! At any rate I think it really finishes off the piece and gives it a nice whimsical touch.

“Intimate Conversation” mixed media, 4 x 4 inches ©laura gaffke *ORIGINAL available HERE

This series are about slowing down. With the hurricane I was forced to slow down. It was actually nice to have a little time to reflect and let my mind wander a bit. I have been  thinking about how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends and family in my life. Connecting with people is something I value and create time for. So much can be learned from enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea with friends don’t you think?

With the cold weather here I had a flashback to my childhood. I remembered how it felt to come in from a long day of playing in the snow and my mom welcoming my sisters and I with hot tea and something delicious she had baked for us (my mom is a fabulous baker). She had made us each a special mug in her ceramics class. They were all different colors but each one had a little girl with a dress and bonnet reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie. I loved these mugs. Mine was green and yellow and I think I have it packed away here somewhere. Maybe I will look for it as I continue to organize.

“Swirling Conversation” acrylic 4 x 4 inches ©laura gaffke 2012 *ORIGINAL available HERE

I decided to put a few of my new paintings in my shop (I already sold one~yippee!) and will have other new work available at my upcoming shows. 

Hartford Open Studios: November 10th & 11th 11am – 5pm. 1st floor

Hygienic Art=Gift Show

The Mystic Arts Center Holiday Show

The Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly

My Open Studio with resident & guest artists at ABOVE ELITE STUDIOS: December 7th from 5:30-9pm and Saturday, December 8th from 3-7pm.

SO much goodness to come!

Happy Day to you… love, Laura

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