Surviving a hurricane…what’s a girl to do?

Brett took this picture of the moon the night of hurricane Sandy.

Why hello there!

I sincerely hope everyone is safe and doing well. For all of my east coast friends~whew! Can you believe that hurricane Sandy? She has a nerve! I know there have been several deaths and many, many people who have suffered terrible damage and still many more who are living without power. Being without power myself I had NO idea what was going on with the rest of the world or even in my surrounding towns! It was kind of strange actually.

Our docks before the tide even came in. ©Brett Gaffke 2012

The storm arrived on Sunday and Brett & I did everything we could to prepare for a situation we had no control over. There were evacuations all around us but we opted to stay and have a “hurricane party”. Brett concocted some yummy hurricane drinks and we  nestled in with our neighbors and played board games by candlelight, only venturing out to see how the river behind our house and the bridges were doing. It was a little scary to see how high and rapidly the river rose.

The end of my street. ©Brett Gaffke 2012

Our surrounding bridges quickly got washed out making us “an island”. In true Jimmy Buffett fashion we mixed up more island drinks and enjoyed our time together. I love the name of some of the drinks~the island painkiller, the knee bender and of course the hurricane. We are slowly getting back to “normal”. In some ways I am glad we didn’t have the TV news to scare us. For a moment we were able to live on our own little “happy island”.

I wish to send out heartfelt wishes to those who were not as fortunate as we were and hope that you will consider making a donation to the American Red Cross to help in their aid.

Many thanks!


p.s. I managed to paint six new happy paintings during the storm (some by candlelight) so you can plan on a little color coming your way soon…


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  1. Laura! So glad all is well with you. Thanks for the update and pictures. Looking forward to seeing your paintings. Talk with you soon~ tina

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